Coldfire Roasters 12 pack Hemp-infused Cuban K-Cups / 10mg per (120mg) Nano Hemp No THC

Cuban Espresso blend is bold and powerful, this blend roars a super aroma, has a sturdy and strong flavor with rich and earthy tones. Roast: Medium Dark Aroma: Earthy, Nutty Body: Bold Acidity: Light Region: Minas Gerais Elevation: 3,000 Ft


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Coldfire Roaster’s Cuban Espresso unique blend of CBD infused coffee options gives everyone from the avid coffee drinker to the social sipper a relaxing, yet bold experience with every cup. Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD (cannabidiol) is unlike many of the plant’s other compounds, meaning it’s legal everywhere and has no psychoactive effects. CBD’s calming and health benefiting effects, combined with the coffee’s energy boost is the perfect way to conquer each day while easing some of life’s mental and physical discomforts.

Every serving of Coldfire Roaster’s CBD infused coffee gives each cup the perfect ratio of CBD to caffeine, allowing the drinker to get the maximum benefit of each element. CBD can reduce anxiety and stress, helping regulate a person’s mood, effectively taking the edge off of caffeine without canceling out its benefits.

Our Coldfire Roasters CBD infused K-Cups and Ground Coffee are made from lab tested water soluble NANO phyto- cannabiniods rich (PCR) hemp and roasted from hand selected gourmet beans.